Strict rules and regulations are placed on chemical containment facilities. That’s why having flooring surfaces that are resistant to etching and seepage from the most hazardous chemicals is of utmost importance. Liquid Floors understands the crucial need for chemical containment facilities to have chemical-resistant flooring and achieves this through concrete coatings.


During food and beverage processing, it is crucial to have an extremely clean environment so as not to risk contamination. From our experiences, owners of food and beverage processing centers prefer concrete coatings because they are resistant to potential food waste spills and damage from equipment.


Epoxy flooring in hangars and other aerospace warehouses stands up to the oils and fuels necessary to maintaining aircraft. Plus, the shine created helps to not only illuminate the space but reflects the beauty of these spectacular machines.


With a vast amount of square footage and plenty of complex machinery, manufacturing facilities require flooring able to withstand the demands of the production process. These manufacturing facilities chose concrete polishing and concrete coatings for a lasting finish that is easy to clean and maintain.


Properly preparing your surface is crucial for applying a new concrete coating or for concrete polishing. We use a variety of techniques to ensure your new floor lasts for years to come.


From schools and government offices to technology centers and recreational areas, floors with durable concrete finishes serve a variety of industries and needs. With our decades of experience, we’ve been privileged to provide solutions for a number of different purposes.


Much like chemical containment facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities require flooring that prevents the absorption of hazardous materials. Materials that can potentially be poisonous if they become engrained in surrounding surfaces. Our epoxy coating provides durable flooring in these pharmaceutical facilities to keep workers safe.


When you want to move customers to purchase merchandise, they shouldn’t be distracted by worn floors. Concrete polishing and coatings offer the aesthetic appeal and durability that many retail stores desire.


It’s no easy feat to move all the products in a warehouse in and out to keep up the look of the floors. That’s why our warehousing and storage clients chose concrete polishing and concrete coatings for their floors, which will endure for years with easy maintenance.


Caulking joints polished concrete

Caulking Joints Polished Concrete

Cleaning and caulking joints gives your epoxy floors a finished look.

corporate epoxy floor concrete polish

Corporate Epoxy Floor Concrete Polish

Liquid floors installs epoxy flooring and concrete polishing.

Diamond grinding concrete preparation

Diamond Grinding Concrete Preparation

Concrete preparation before epoxy flooring installation. Diamond grinders are also used to polish concrete.

7 day installation time lapse 1 min

Epoxy Floor 7 day Installation Time Lapse (One Minute)

Epoxy Flooring Installation

7 day installation time lapse 2 min

Epoxy Floor 7 Day Installation Time Lapse (Two Minutes)

Epoxy Flooring Installation

Epoxy Floor squeegee

Epoxy Floor Squeegee

Epoxy flooring installation utilizing flat blade squeegee.

Hand grinding epoxy flooring

Hand Grinding Epoxy Flooring

Hand grinding the edges for epoxy floor installation is critical. Epoxy flooring will start to fail at the edges if not properly prepared.

Keying transitions for epoxy floors

Keying Transitions for Epoxy Floors

Transition points must be keyed in to keep your epoxy floor intact.

Power Trowel epoxy flooring

Power Trowel Epoxy Flooring

Proper power troweling is important to ensure that your epoxy floor resurfacer achieves its maximum compressive strength.

Resurfacer Screeding epoxy flooring

Resurfacer Screeding Epoxy Flooring

Installing your epoxy floor resurfacer at the proper depth is critical. The screed box ensures the epoxy flooring is applied at the correct depth.

Sanding epoxy flooring

Sanding Epoxy Flooring

Sanding epoxy floors before topcoats are installed is a critical step.

Shot blast concrete preparation

Shot Blast Concrete Preparation

Shot blasting the concrete before an epoxy floor installation is one method that is used.

Vacuuming industrial concrete floor

Vacuuming Industrial Concrete Floor

Vacuuming a floor before the epoxy coating installation. Epoxy floors need to have a clean surface in order to bond properly.