Businesses like food and beverage processing plants must have flooring that is resistant to the everyday activity of the industry. Food and beverage processing flooring must be resistant to moisture, food waste, damage from heavy industrial equipment plus be able to stand up to daily cleanings and thermal cycling. . Cementitious Urethane is a durable system for concrete flooring that provides all these benefits and more.

Easy Maintenance

Cementitious Urethane is simple to maintain. In settings where food and beverage waste may be frequently spilled or splashed onto the floor, easy clean-up is crucial to worker productivity. Since cementitious urethane provides a strong, effective seal over concrete floors, water and other liquid materials bead on the surface of the floor without penetrating the concrete beneath. A simple mopping with warm water and mild detergent is enough to clean accidents and debris that litters the floor.


In settings where slips, trips and falls are hazards that workers face, non-skid flooring is important. Cementitious coatings can be formulated to provide a non-slip surface that protects workers and reduce costly incidents on the work floor. This increase in safety can save companies money while also improving worker morale.

Thermal Cycling

Cementitious Urethane floors provide the best solution to stand up to thermal cycling. Thermal cycling happens when a floor goes from high/low temperature on a regular basis. Sometimes this can be a slow process and sometimes it can be quick, that is referred to as thermal shock. Cementitious Urethanes can handle these extremes, typically from -200°F to 240°F.

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