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Huntsville, AL was incorporated in 1811 and quickly grew due to wealth produced by the cotton and railroad industries.  During WW2, the US government selected land in Huntsville for building 3 chemical munitions facilities.

In 1950, about 1,000 people were transferred to these facilities to form the Ordnance Guided Missile Center (OGMC).  The OGMC would eventually create what was called the Redstone Rocket during the Korean War which set the stage for the creation of the US Space Program.

Today, Huntsville is home to the largest scientific and research park in the entire nation.

Technology, space, and defense industries have a major presence in Huntsville along with a broad base of manufacturing, retail and service industries.

Liquid Floors has served cities throughout the Southeast for over 20 years that require industrial grade epoxy floor coatings and concrete polishing.  We are experts at installing floor coatings for hangars, manufacturing, warehousing, pharmaceutical and tech.

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What can Liquid Floors do for your Huntsville based company?  We install flooring that serves as a shield to the everyday wear and tear the day to day activities of your business bring to your flooring.  We make your floors strong, beautiful and dependable and we do it with a focus on the customer’s needs.  In other words, service is critical.  Doing everything we need to do to ensure your happiness is not just a mantra at Liquid Floors.  It is an attitude that resides behind everything we do.

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Epoxy Flooring Case Studies

A Few Companies with Liquid Floors Epoxy Flooring

We have served many companies throughout the Southeast and many industries.   Whether we are installing a new urethane floor or polishing concrete to give a renewed finish, we look to create long-term, repeat customers.  Below you will find a few of the companies we have worked with!