Industrial Concrete Polishing Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is home to some formidable industries with Coca-Cola being one of the greatest.  Whether it is the food and beverage industry or manufacturing according to there is no single industrial leader in the area.  Industry is steady, and this is one of the reasons it Liquid Floors is the premiere industrial flooring company serving greater Atlanta.   Liquid Floors ONLY serves the industrial market and we do it better than anyone.  When companies need epoxy floor installation in their hangars, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, they call Liquid Floors.

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How Can We Help?

What can Liquid Floors do for your Atlanta based company?  We install flooring that serves as a shield to the everyday wear and tear the day to day activities of your business bring to your flooring.  We make your floors strong, beautiful and dependable and we do it with a focus on the customer’s needs.  In other words, service is critical.  Doing everything we need to do to ensure your happiness is not just a mantra at Liquid Floors.  It is an attitude that resides behind everything we do.

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Concrete Polishing Atlanta, GA Case Study

In the Case Study below, Liquid Floors installed Epoxy Floor Coating at a Hangar outside of Atlanta in Lawrenceville, GA.  First, we prepared the flooring using shotblasting or diamond grinding.  That ensures that your flooring will properly bond with the epoxy.  Our epoxy consists of both a resin and a hardener.  When these are mixed together and applied to your concrete floor, they harden and create a powerful heavy duty bond.  We added a urethane coating over the epoxy to further protect the floors.

As you can see from the pictures, the finished product is beautiful and durable.  Our Concrete Polishing is perfect for hangars as well as any industrial application you can think of.



Concrete Polishing Atlanta, GA - Before


Concrete Polishing Atlanta, GA - After


Concrete Polishing Atlanta, GA - After

A Few Companies with Liquid Floors Concrete Polishing

We have served many companies throughout the Southeast and many industries.   Whether we are installing a new urethane floor or polishing concrete to give a renewed finish, we look to create long-term, repeat customers.  Below you will find a few of the companies we have worked with!