The Fascinating History of Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is the Queen City of North Carolina and the second largest City in the Southeastern United States. And now Charlotte is the nation’s second leading financial center next to New York City. But before Charlotte achieved its prominence, by the 1600s, it was originally a home of the “people of the river” or the Catawba Indian tribe, who had been living along the river. In 1768, the Queen City was formally named after the wife of King George III of England, Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg- Strelitz.THE RISE OF CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA

A fascinating discovery of gold in 1799 lead to a major gold rush in United States. It was a 12-year old Conrad Reed, who found a 17-pound rock which they used as a doorstop. Three years later, a goldsmith determined it was not as a rock but nearly a solid gold. And it was the very first documented gold find in the country. And the city was flooded by miners and opportunist who operates gold mines. However, mining continued to lesser degree as the flood of miners and prospectors moved on to California gold fields in 1848 to try their luck. In the years before civil war, Charlotte was a major provider of tobacco and cotton in the region. And the city’s first boom came after the Civil War as the textile industries came to life and the city became cotton processing center and a railroad hub.
In the year 1970s and 1980s, as the businesses continued to crowd Charlotte, the banking industry have gained impetus as the financial leader, Hugh McColl, transformed NC National Bank into the present-day Bank of America. It was the unification of Bank of America and Wachovia made Charlotte the country’s second largest financial center next to NYC.

Now Charlotte became the major city and the center of commerce in North Carolina. And it’s a home Levine Museum of the New South, which presents a diverse array of post-Civil War exhibits, a science museum with hands-on displays at Discovery Place, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame, which honor and celebrates the sport of auto racing and drivers who have shown exceptional skills.PRESENT-DAY CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA