Explore Greenville, SC

We go to places to experience a new adventure, to meet new people and to create new memories. Places that might open doors of opportunities, places that will make us feel at home, places that might show us what living really meant.  Among a number of places that possess these characteristics, Greenville, South Carolina, excel over the others.

Greenville, South Carolina at Night


Here, the atmosphere is seamlessly conducive to working and living.  The business industry is advancing to meet even exceed every man’s needs. Aside from that, people here enjoy the company of their neighbors on summer nights just chatting about everyday events, until someone flips a coin to see who’ll run out for barbecue.

The lively streets of Greenville made even cheerful because of the art galleries, museums which conserve and celebrate history, and festivals which give euphoria to everyone. Additional to this is the worldly offering of musical concerts, theatrical and dance productions, lectures, and travel films at East Carolina University which makes spectators embrace art and cultureGreenville Art Galleries. The campus also calls students with shining future to unleash their talents.

Certainly, Greenville is a place where you can find what you are looking for.  The upbeat cultural, economic, and educational centers of the region are attracting inquisitive imagination and entrepreneurial minds.

If you are packed with enormous ideas and ambition, Greenville, SC is the best place to be. This place is a home of smart, optimistic, and hard-working individuals who contribute largely to the success of the city. Now, the city is focusing on advanced areas such as Bioscience and robotics.

Family Picnik in Greenville's ParkIn spite of the technological advancement, outdoor enthusiast will find plenty of adventure and scenic views to lift up your day. Plenty of nature-loving people, the exhilarating fragrance of the Magnolia trees, family picnicking under the shade of the oak tree, fishing, and hiking which lead me to a direct conclusion that this heaven on earth, a place where I want to be.




The county has a total area of 795 square miles (2,060 km2), according to the U.S. Census Bureau, of which 785 square miles (2,030 km2) is land and 9.7 square miles (25 km2) (1.2%) is water.


The Census Bureau’s July 1, 2015, population estimate for Greenville is 90,597.


Average temperature                                                    61° F

Average summer temperature                                   84° F

Average winter temperature                                      44° F

Average annual rainfall                                              49.02″

Growing season                                                           220 days