What is the Best Epoxy Flooring Solution for the Manufacturing Industry?

Deciding on what type of flooring to use in your industrial manufacturing facility can be a difficult task. There are many factors that come into play in determining what the best epoxy flooring for manufacturing is.  This article addresses

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ATTRACTIVE CONCRETE FLOOR OPTIONS: EPOXY COATINGS VS. CONCRETE POLISHING   Which is better, epoxy floor coatings or concrete floor polishing?  As epoxy and flooring professionals, what do you recommend? Those are questions we get regularly when helping a customer improve

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How Epoxy Flake Flooring Can Make a Facility Beautiful & Functional

One of the benefits of installing Epoxy Floor Coating Systems into any facility is the beauty they provide. Let's face it.  Concrete in its "naked" form is not extremely attractive.  That dull, gray look isn't generally winning any style awards.  Epoxy Flake Flooring

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4 Ways Clear Resin Topcoats Will Improve Your Industrial Facility

Epoxy floor coatings with  improve the appearance, longevity and durability of many types of industrial facilities. When Liquid Floors installs epoxy floor coatings, we often suggest an additional layer of clear epoxy resin in the form of Clear Resin Topcoats in order

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