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  • 4 Things to Consider Before Having Epoxy Floors Installed

    Concrete flooring coated in epoxy is extremely durable, which makes it perfect for industrial settings. Epoxy concrete coatings can resist damage from chemicals, can be color coated for maximum flexibility and efficiency, can be modified based to fit the activity in the room around it and is highly reflective, which can increase visibility in warehouses and factories. These factors must all be considered when an  ..

  • Do These 5 Things to Make Your Epoxy Coating Last Longer

    Epoxy floor coatings can beautify your existing industrial concrete floor and extend its useful life, but the epoxy must be installed correctly with proper surface preparation. Our concrete flooring professionals have noticed that doing these five things can greatly extend the useful life of your epoxy flooring. Proper Floor Prep Proper floor prep is essential for ensuring the epoxy adheres to the concrete fl ..

  • Why Chemical Containment Managers Rave About Epoxy Floors

    When working in a warehouse or contained environment, having a flooring solution that will provide a number of benefits is key. Chemical containment managers have a number of scenarios to navigate, and being able to alleviate hazardous situations by using an epoxy flooring assists in more ways than one. Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coatings Epoxy floor coatings (http://www.liquidfloors.com/industrial-flooring/ep ..

  • How Epoxy Floor Coatings Can Help Promote Productivity

    It's well known that epoxy floor coatings provide practical and inexpensive floor protection in industrial settings. However, many managers fail to realize the ways in which epoxy floor coatings can also improve worker productivity and increase a business's bottom line. Improved Visibility Epoxy floor coatings can be made highly reflective, improving the lighting conditions in industrial settings by up to 30 ..

  • What Causes an Epoxy Floor to Flake?

    Epoxy floors are known for their durability, strength, and ability to last for years. However, some owners of epoxy floors experience some peeling, flaking, and damage to their epoxy floors that may cause some headaches. Epoxy floors have a tendency to flake most often when the proper steps weren’t taken prior to installation. The issues listed below may arise after installation, but should and could  ..


    Epoxy floors can be used in a wide variety of industries, locations and buildings. They are no longer just for manufacturers or warehouses. While there are common misconceptions about epoxy floors, here are three myths surrounding this flooring solution. Misconception #1: Professional Installation Isn’t Necessary Walk into any big-box home improvement store and you’ll see the big bucket of  ..

  • How Durable Will My Epoxy Floor Be?

    Regardless of your industry, finding a flooring solution that stands up to whatever you bring its way is vastly important. Wondering whether your floor will tear, scratch or not be able to withstand your environment just isn’t an option. If durability is your worry, then installing an epoxy floor may be the best solution for you and your facility. Epoxy floor coatings are created by mixing a resin and ..

  • Welcome to the Liquid Floors Newly Redesigned Website!

    Our dedication to providing the best and most well rounded experience for our customers inspired us to update our website, making our services, processes, and products even more accessible and easy to understand. At Liquid Floors, it has always been our mission to provide cost-effective, beautiful epoxy-coated or polished concrete floors. We pride ourselves in our ability to not only satisfy our customers, bu ..

  • Leave It to the Pros: Why Do It Yourself Isn’t the Best Choice

    When it comes to flooring, especially smaller spaces, people tend to think it can be a D-I-Y job. After all, self-installation may be cheaper and you can do it on your time without the ‘hassle’ of having to deal with the pros. But hiring professionals can help save you time and money down the line. Oftentimes, do-it-yourselfers learn by trial-and-error or watch a YouTube video to ‘learn&rsq ..

  • Give Your Floors New Life with Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    If you’re seeking a dynamic, non-traditional look for your flooring solution, it’s time to discover metallic epoxy floor coatings. Oftentimes people think of epoxy floors as flooring only for industrial, sterile and dull facilities. But over the years, epoxy floor coatings have stepped up their game and now offer a wide variety of possibilities. The latest variety is a metallic epoxy floor coating.  ..

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