Why Liquid Floors? We keep it simple. It really can be summed up with three ideas. Expert…Dependable…Customer First.

Expert – At Liquid Floors, we have been protecting and preserving concrete for over ten years. This is all we do, and we do it very well. We stay up on the latest and greatest of products, equipment and techniques, and we apply them the right way to meet the need. Our experience and expertise helps us provide our clients with the best of advice, strategy, installation, and service.

Dependable – One of the reasons we have such a strong reputation is that we simply do what we say we are going to do…when we say we are going to do it. Reliability is critical when your production shuts down for maintenance or when you are trying to keep your new construction project on schedule. We simply follow through on our commitments, so you can keep your facility humming.

Customer First – It’s an old school value, and one that seems to be lacking in much of business today. We put our customer’s needs above our own. Doing what it takes to make the customer happy is not just a trite sentimental statement to us. It’s the code that we live by. In every situation, we do what it takes for you to win.

Concrete Coating
Our epoxy floor coating solutions add value to your space by making it brighter, more attractive, more efficient, and better protected. This can significantly maximize the cost efficiency for you. Urethane and epoxy floors also increase light reflectivity by up to 300 percent. This is fantastic for brightening a space, improving safety, maximizing productivity and possibly lowering utility expenses by lessening the need for auxiliary lighting. The end result of choosing epoxy flooring is a brighter, cleaner workspace that is more efficient, sophisticated and protected.

Concrete Polishing
When installing floor coatings is not an option, concrete polishing can provide your floor with protection and enhance the beauty. We use a state-of-the-art process to achieve the desired results. Our process will leave you with gleaming polished concrete floors that are cleaner looking, brighter, attractive, and far more professional. Polished concrete flooring can still provide a number of benefits that make this option well worth exploring.

Customer Service
At Liquid Floors we stand behind our products and processes. Our surface testing and preparation processes rely on cutting-edge methods, and we are proud to have the full support of product manufacturers.

While we are pleased to provide customers with the best in polished concrete floor work and epoxy flooring, we are exceptionally proud of the service we deliver. We provide a free consultation so that we can understand your very personal needs, after which we will provide you with a customized flooring solution that meets your goals – budget and otherwise.

Also separating us from our competitors is our comprehensive installation service. We are even available weekends and holidays, which makes us the most flexible provider of polished concrete and epoxy flooring in the industry!

Pride of Workmanship
When we transform your workspace with polished concrete flooring or epoxy floor coatings, you can count on us to deliver the best in workmanship. Our team is fastidious about the details. After all, our finished work reflects not only on your business, but on ours too. We take pride in what we do, and we believe that every inch counts. At Liquid Flooring, we’re here to exceed your expectations. We even stand behind our work with a comprehensive warranty that demonstrates our commitment to your satisfaction.

Get a FREE Consultation – At Liquid Floors, we’re on a mission to deliver nothing but the very best in epoxy flooring and polished concrete. We believe in providing exceptional service, products and pricing to all of our customers. Call us and let us show you why we make a difference!
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Welcome to Liquid Floors – Concrete floors are an incredible investment in a surface that’s meant to last under tough working conditions. Even these durable designs, however, are subject to staining, cracking and disfiguration over time. When it’s time to protect the investment you’ve made, we offer you a variety of ways to do so. We provide attractive solutions, such as epoxy flooring and concrete polishing, that will help your investment stand up to the test of time. From polished concrete to epoxy floor coatings, Liquid Floors offers alternatives for protecting your investment and maintaining the beauty of your floors. The professional team at Liquid Floors brings more than 40 years of combined experience to every project we undertake. We understand the benefits of polished concrete floors and coatings such as urethane or epoxy flooring – the many advantages that it offers our customers; and we stand ready to walk you through our process and what sets Liquid Floors apart from the competition.

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